Back to School Snack Time

Back to school.  And snacks.  And kids.  And hungry.  And repeat.

Kids and snacks are always together.  They just are.  And once you have kids you know.  You don't know until you know.  But kids are always hungry.  Maybe you've seen a quote or a meme about taking one bite of dinner and then asking for snacks two minutes later or created a phrase around trying a bite at your table.  Whatever the case, it's a challenge to feed humans and teach them to feed themselves.  Period.

Add the beginning of school into the mix, the hunger increases exponentially.  Or at least that's the case in my house.

Once school and activities and nervous energy and learning the whole new thing begins, everyone seems to need more fuel.

We may have started MySuperFoods when our kiddos were only toddlers, but we've remained grateful to understand and reach for truly nutrient dense snacks when our families need them most.

Organic ingredients, peanut and tree nut free, superfoods like chia seeds and whole grains, healthy fats and real fruit.  We have literally said since day one, "we are not competing with broccoli and apples" because we truly value broccoli and apples.  But we also rely on really healthy packaged snacks when we are busier than normal and generally on-the-go.

And we don't think we are alone.

Are you a family that seeks the same?  Maybe your kiddos would prefer MySuperSnacks, our line of soft baked granola bites that come 5-6 to a pack in Apple Raisin, Blueberry Acai and Chocolate Chips.  Perhaps MySuperCookies are a better fit because they are similar to a traditional animal cookie and shaped like our team of SuperKids, which our kiddo customers love to interact with and play!

Back to school and snacks.  We've got you.

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