We Just Wanted the Best Snacks to Feed Our Kids

It was really that simple.  We started MySuperFoods in 2011 over a playdate because we wanted really healthy, convenient snacks for our kids.  And we weren't looking for a recipe to make our own.

Yes, the irony of us ending up actually making our own is not lost on us...

We were not chefs or food scientists or consumer packaged goods experts.  We were two moms with 4 kids between us who were outgrowing baby food.  We were sitting on the floor in my apartment with our twins (we each have twins and that's how we met in the first place) playing on the floor around us.  We were having the conversation that parents have when they have little kids. 

"What should I be feeling my kids?"

Everyone I knew with kids at that age worried about what to feel their kids.  How to feed their kids.  When to feed their kids.  Some kids only wanted to eat 3 things.  Other kids barely wanted to eat anything at all.  Some kids wouldn't touch vegetables.  Other kids only ate carbs.  And every few months, just when we hit a groove, the whole thing tipped on its side and we all felt like we were starting over. 

We valued and value nutrition and never wanted to replace or disrupt a balanced diet.  We know that our MySuperSnacks and MySuperCookies and MySuperPops cannot and should not replace apples and broccoli.  But our reality back then was that we were on-the-go more and didn't want to have to think about what to grab for them on the way out the door.  We recognized that there were a couple of great brands out there to rely on for snacks, but that didn't feel like enough.  We knew already that our kids wanted variety.  We wanted variety too!  We wanted organic toddler snacks for our toddlers who, up to that point, had only had really high quality food. 

Again, it was really that simple.

Once we committed to starting MySuperFoods, it was anything but simple.  But the idea, the inspiration, the desire for change came out of looking for the best snacks for toddlers and kids.  As our kids have grown (and Silvia has added two more to the team) we still value nutrition, convenience, organic ingredients and brands we can trust.  That hasn't changed.  Our kids still grab our snacks among the other ten or fifteen brands that we have in our pantries.  The best part now?  They grab it themselves.  


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