Healthy Road Trip Snacks

I have this memory from when I was about 8 years old and my family took a road trip from Ohio to Florida to visit my grandparents.  It felt like hours later, but I'm sure it was only 7 minutes into the trip when I asked for a snack.  I mean, I was there, the snacks were there, none of us were leaving for awhile. My elementary school aged brain felt it was obvious.  Why? Because:

1. It's just fun to eat snacks on a road trip

2. It's just fun to eat snacks in the car

3. I like fun. 

Now, as a parent, planning snacks on family road trips in a year that seems to have had more road trips and snacks than ever before, my perspective is a bit different.  Why? Because:

1. If the kids are going to eat 17 snacks while we are in the car, I would like them to have some healthy, redeeming qualities

2. The easier the better

To be honest, whether we are flying or driving, I usually bring the snacks from home.  My go-tos:

  • Fruit - berries in a container or apples and pears
  • Cheese and crackers - everybody likes to make a mini sandwich
  • Cashews or almonds and chocolate
  • Sandwich with hummus, lettuce and cheese
  • Easy, grab-and-go, packaged snacks - like ours!
Of course, I'd be totally remiss if I didn't mention how easily our snacks travel.  Truly, every time we started making anything even remotely large, the customer answers back that they love smaller packaging.  Yes, they are sharable.  But also yes, you can enjoy them yourself.
  • MySuperSnacks - soft, small bites, satisfying
  • MySuperCookies - the SuperKid shape often leads to imaginary story adventures played out or the inevitable moment where someone chomps of their head first.  Always gets a laugh.
  • MySuperPops - satisfies that delicious crunch and easy to share
What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks?


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