How We Convinced an Emmy Award Winner to Draw Our Team of SuperKids

"So, which one do you prefer?"


Silvia and I sat on the edge of a couch in a stunning office with floor to ceiling windows, tucked away on a side street near the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan. Everything about the space was cool and I was hoping one or both of us weren't covered with pureed bananas. We could barely call ourselves a business and we were somehow looking at a huge board of SuperKids drawings, drafted by the entire staff of an internationally recognized animation company with Emmy award winning cartoons on Nickelodeon. It was 2011 and the MySuperFoods brand was taking shape. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit surreal.

The original SuperKid team, Mine-Zoe, Vita-Claire, Luca-Pro and Oxi-Rae

How did we get there? We asked everyone we knew for help when we started our company. Everyone. Because the thing about the people you know is very simple. Those people know a lot of other people. And those other people know a lot of other people. And so on. Our immediate network might not have been able to build us a website or find us a food scientist, but their friends did. If you don't ask, you don't find. That simple.



Silvia and I scanned the giant board in front of us, each drawing much different than the one before. An amazing array of options. Some looked exactly the way that we had originally requested. Others were beyond our imagination. We looked at the board, then each other and said, "okay, I have my choice. Do you?" deciding to point, simultaneously and dramatically at the one we each liked most. In a moment of serendipity, we both pointed to the same image. I wish I could say that every decision we've made as founders was that adorable, but we laughed and took that massive win in that moment.



Today, the SuperKids are on each of our products, our website, social media page and even our MySuperCookies are shaped like them. They came to life in 2011 and represent everything we do today. SuperFoods for SuperKids.

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