Last Chance for Honey BBQ MySuperPops

I've said it so many times on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Honey BBQ is my absolute favorite flavor of MySuperPops.  Something about the hint of tang and subtle sweetness.  It got me right from the start and went right to the top of my favorite snacks to have weekly.  Good thing I had access to a lot of them!

Fast forward 3 years and the unthinkable happened.  COVID hit and we were forced to reexamine everything we were focused on as a company in order to survive.  After the initial pass of reducing the obvious big expenses, we dove deeply into each product performance. As much as it pained me to see, Honey BBQ MySuperPops were the lowest performing MySuperPop flavor among the three.  (Our other two, White Cheddar and Kettle were the obvious winners).

We had to cut out what wasn't working really, really well.  And that was Honey BBQ.

The time has come and inventory is very low.  We just sold our last big order and the trucks will be at our warehouse soon to clear out in the inventory.  There is still inventory on our site right now.  Get yours while supplies still last!  It's a weird thing to think about my favorite flavor being gone.  But that's why this process needs to be objective.  The numbers don't lie.  Even if my healthy snacking habits wish they would!

If you are a fan of White Cheddar and Kettle, you are not alone!  Don't get me wrong, I do love them too.  I think part of what made me love Honey BBQ all along is that they were sort of under the radar.  That familiar White Cheddar salty crunch and sweet pop from Kettle are always going to be crowd favorites.  Maybe I just like rooting for the underdog.  We know that feeling all too well.

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