Mindful SuperKids

This week, seven years ago, we debuted our fifth SuperKid, TristZen.  The OG team of SuperKids included four kiddos.  My twins and Silvia's twins. The four kiddos that we were pregnant with when we met.  The four kiddos who inspired us to start MySuperFoods in the first place.

The SuperKids were created to help inspire kids everywhere to learn about nutrition.  To see how fun and powerful food can be.  Each SuperKid represents an aspect of nutrition and wellness that is important for kids.  Each one is dressed up like a superhero to remind kids everywhere how strong they are.  A little bit of education, a little bit of fun.

Less than a year after the first four SuperKids were brought to life in this brand, Silvia had a second son and it took us a minute to get him added to the team of SuperKids.

This week, we remember adding TristZen to the team.  TristZen was named by one of our interns at the time (yes, we take them very seriously around here!) and he represents mindfulness.  Zen.  Taking a minute to quiet your mind and get present to whatever is going on in life.  Not easy, but worth the effort.  I don't know about you, but mindful parenting is really important to us.  We talk about it all the time and could be the subject of a whole other blog post.  I've said before that meditating completely changed my life after I had my own kids and if I can share any part of mindfulness with my own kids, I will do my best.

Happy birthday, TristZen.  We are grateful for the reminder to be mindful.

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