Our Best Snack for Toddlers

"How young do kids start eating your snacks?"

It's a common and totally understandable question that we've gotten a lot.  From all of the customers that we've spoken to, the answer varies from 1-3.  Because it all depends on the development of each and every kiddo.  As a brand and as moms, we like to err on the side of safety and aim older when anyone asks.  We want to make sure your children can hold and chew solid food well before they grab one of our snacks.  

Our best snack for toddlers?  MySuperSnack Granola Bites.  Why? Because they are soft and delicious.  They are easy to hold and perfect for small hands.  And if you've read our earlier posts, our own toddlers were 18 months old when we started the company, so it was exactly what we were looking for as parents.

Healthy snacks for toddlers can be tricky business.  What texture is best?  What flavor will they like?  How much sugar is too much?  Are they whole grain?  We took all of it into consideration when we started and it mattered a lot to us back then.  It matters as much or more to us now.

We pride ourselves on making snacks that you can trust.  We hope that you read the back of our ingredient panel and reach out if you ever have a question.  Navigating shelves and products can be totally overwhelming. We hope to make it a lot easier for you.


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