The First Business Update (January 2013)

Back when we were a fledgling company, we had a blog that we contributed to regularly.  Partly as a way to talk about parenting and nutrition, and partly to talk about this company that we were building while we waited to launch our first product.  Some might call it stalling...

I recently found the very first "business update" that we would occasionally share.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do:

The top 10 things that are happening in our business right now that you should know about:
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1. MySuperSnack (soft) Granola Bites are 4 months old – we launched at the 2012 Natural Products Expo East in September.  Like raising any 4 month old baby…a bit of a sleepless, awesome blur.
2.Megan has joined our team!  She is a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and the voice behind our “Megan Monday’s” posts.  She rocks.
3. We hired a demo team.  No, we’re not shopping for a bulldozer.  They are helping us get the word out at our local retail stores.  Keep an eye out on Facebook for when you can get some free samples and see their smiling faces.
4. Speaking of stores, check out our website for a list of where we are.  Oh, and if you’ve heard of Whole Foods, we’ll be there soon too.
5. In case you didn’t hear me, we will be in WHOLE FOODS soon!  Woo hoo.  The Northeast Region (NY, NJ, CT) has welcomed us with open arms.  We will make the official on-shelf announcement soon.
6. Our awesome co-packer, will start our next production run at the end of the month.  Fire up the oven!
7. As of today, we have 688 Facebook fans.  So cool.  Let’s get to 1,000!
8. We are very thankful for lines of credit and new potential financial partners.  It takes a village with an ATM machine to build a natural food business.
9. Natural Products Expo West is coming up at the beginning of March, in Anaheim, CA.  When you wish upon a Granola Bite, dreams come true.
10. There is a kid out there who loves our product so much that after he eats the Granola Bites, he sleeps with the pouch.  How cute is that?

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