We Needed More Organic Snacks

Left side text superfoods for superkids in navy blue and light green.  To the right is a female toddler, smiling with head tilted to the right and a floral wrap in her hair with a top knot. She is holding mysupersnack chocolate chip granola bites pouch.

We created MySuperCookies, MySuperSnacks and MySuperPops because we wanted more delicious, organic options for our own kids.  There is a whole story there, but it's really that simple.  We went looking for organic snacks for our (then) toddlers and couldn't find that many.  We wanted more.

MySuperSnacks came first.  Soft baked, bite sized pieces that were easy for little hands to grab and different than anything on the market.  Organic, peanut and tree nut free and 100% whole grain.  We use chia seeds and coconut oil in every batch.  Our Apple Raisin, Blueberry Acai and Chocolate Chip that were originally launched all those years ago are still among our top sellers today.  Early on, we had customers ask us to take the 1.5oz grab-and-go pouches and turn them into a larger format.  Sometimes we still get that request, but we are not surprised that the single serve option has been a success.  It's what the people want!

MySuperCookies came next. Shaped like our team of SuperKids, so kiddos everywhere had that memorable "play with your food" experience that we remembered with animal crackers as kids.  Also organic, also peanut and tree nut free, also 100% whole grains.  Made with chia seeds and coconut oil.  Superfoods always.  The Chocolate Heroes are our best seller, followed by Honey Heroes and Blueberry Vanilla.  Although we originally launched a 6.25oz family-sized box, over time our customers have spoken and the 1oz grab-and-go option prevailed.

MySuperPops rounded out the team.  A puffed snack, the based is organic corn, quinoa, chia, flax and sunflower seed.  We were thrilled to pack so much nutrition into the core of the snack.  Our White Cheddar dominates customer favorites, but Kettle is a close second, with that salty sweet familiar goodness that anyone who visited a town fair as a kid remembers.  Our only gluten free option, we are proud to also make them organic and peanut and tree nut free.

In the beginning, it was about making the best healthy snacks we could imagine, that were different than anything we found in the store.  We wanted parents to not have to worry about labels and ingredients because we would just put it all out there and not cut corners.  We wanted exactly what we weren't finding, but always wanted.  We hope you think we've delivered.

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