We Really Are the People Behind The Brand

Before we even had a product to sell, we started a blog and launched a Facebook page. It was 2011 and we posted almost every single day for months and months. Taking turns, Silvia and I shared recipes, nutritional information and stories about our families. I remember brainstorming about the type of content we should share and we were really deliberate about wanting to show our passion without coming off like authorities. Since we were decidedly not authorities. We were two women who had small children, a love of food and interest in nutrition who were creating snacks for families like ours. We wanted it to feel and sound that way. Authentic before authenticity became a thing. I also remember sometimes feeling inauthentic when I wrote. Trying to be something. I was afraid of what people thought while we waited to launch that first product. Trying, trying, trying. Be what they want. What do they want? The worst.




What I knew, every time I looked at the data was that the posts that were super personal and showed a look behind the curtain were off the charts more interesting to people than the cucumber hummus shamrock snack I posted in March 2012. The "business updates" got all the love. Looking back, of course they did. It's easy to find a shamrock snack around St Patrick's Day. It's not easy to watch two people start a food company from the ground up. It's the reason why today we spend so much time on Instagram. Because we can share the daily happenings in our business and personal lives and show (not tell) who we are and what we are doing.


We've always used Instagram as our opportunity to show that we really are two women and moms and entrepreneurs. To show that when you DM us, you hear back from us. When you ask a question, we will answer. And if you want to watch Silvia and I battle against the thermostat in the hotel rooms we share on the road, you are going to get a lot of opportunities! (Tune in if you don't know what I'm talking about. She's always cold, I'm always hot. You've probably been there at some point, with someone in your life...)


The last time we wrote on that first blog was 2016.  But when we relaunched our website to include selling our products for the first time in October 2020, we knew it would come back.


Ultimately, the authentic voice we were trying to craft since day one is the one that we share over on Instagram every day. Are you following along? We'd love to hear from you there.

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