When I'm Asked About the Highlights of Being An Entrepreneur

It's happened a lot over the years.  In the middle of a conversation, on a whim at a social gathering, or just general wonderings at industry events.  We are asked over and over..."what has been the best part?"

For an entrepreneur, that's like asking a parent, "which kid is your favorite?"  Obviously, it's a hard one.  Unless you have a kid who sleeps in late and likes to make you lattes.  Then, it's easy.

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Anyway, there are lots of great moments.  But for me, there is this one day, years ago that always sticks out.  We got a customer email from a dad, sharing a story about his daughter from the previous weekend.

They were at a friend's birthday party, like they often were on weekends during the school year.  The backyard was filled with laughter and running and children and music.  And food.  So much food.  Tables and tables of the best snacks and treats.  But his daughter knew, without looking, that when it came time to eat, she would find him and retrieve the safe snacks and treats that he brought for her, because of her allergies.  Not in a melancholy way.  But in a way worn down by repetition.  Out of habit.

Expecting the same, the dad always came prepared.  But curiosity and wanting better always led him to those tables and tables of snacks and treats to explore.  He would pick up unfamiliar items and read the backs of the labels, ingredient by ingredient, on a quest for his little girl.

That day, the previous weekend, at the backyard party, he found a pile of single serve bags of MySuperCookies, a product previously unknown to him.  He picked it up, scanning the back and couldn't believe his eyes.  They were safe for his daughter!  He called her over and stretched out his hand toward hers, offering the MySuperCookies.  Peanut and tree nut free, made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.  She was allowed to try them.  He was so grateful to us for that moment.

I'll be honest, if I didn't know it happened, I might not believe it.  But then I realized that I know a lot of people with family members who have allergies.  I know people who buy mostly organic food or are completely dairy free or eat less meat than they used to.  It seems a little overwhelming to think that this family never found a snack in years of birthday parties, but then I think, maybe I'm lucky to know all of these people who have made adjustments for different reasons.  Maybe there are still lots of families out there who really struggle to find peanut and tree nut free snacks or plant based snacks that are also organic or something else?  Maybe it's not so unusual to a lot of people to just bring their own food, because they have to.

I'll also be honest that we've had a lot of great days. We've gotten emails asking us to be on National TV, we've gotten purchase orders from the biggest retailers in the country, we've been handed the keys to our own office and been able to afford to hire a staff of team members.  Those were all great days.  They will always be great days in my mind.

But those days don't happen unless people buy our products and rely on them for their great taste and nutrition.  They don't happen unless those same people like our snacks so much that they buy them again and again.  So, when people ask, "what is the highlight?" "what is one of the best parts?" it always, always has to be the people who have discovered and fallen in love with our MySuperSnacks or MySuperCookies or MySuperPops.  Whether it's because they are organic or their favorite flavor or single serve or peanut and tree nut free or whole grain or packed with superfoods.  Whether it's because it's their family's favorite snack or the best toddler snack in the pantry or because they all fight over the Honey Heroes.  Whatever the case.  Without hearing from those customers and creating something great and making life a little easier for all the families looking, there would be no entrepreneurship at all.

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