"Where Can I Find Your Products?"

When we started MySuperFoods we were given a quote of $23K to build a website with ecommerce. This was long before the days where people made it easy for small businesses to sell. So, we didn't do it.⁠

Fast forward to 2020, the year where nothing makes sense and everything feels out of our control. What better time to make a connection right to our customers and supporters? That's YOU.⁠

Finally, we have an answer for the calls, emails, dms and questions of "I love MySuperSnacks, but where can I get MySuperPops?" or "I didn't know you make MySuperCookies, where can I buy them?" Our products have been sold in different locations across the country since we launched MySuperSnacks in 2012, but often not all together.  We took a year filled with problems and disappointments and found a way to solve one.⁠

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We rebuilt and relaunched our website to be able to sell direct to consumers.  It was going to require figuring out a lot of things on the fly.  We were used to that.  It was going to require trial and error and probably messing up.  We were used to that too. It was going to require filling my house up with product from our warehouse, packing orders from the office next to my kitchen and getting to know my UPS driver even better than I already had.  With masks.  We were not used to that. But that never stopped us before.

If you're reading this post, you're already here.  We hope you like what we've done with the place.  It's certainly been fun in these first (almost) five months to get things off the ground.  If you're not already signed up for our email list, go back to the home page and register. You'll get 15% off your first order.⁠  We'll drop a coloring page in your first order and probably a hand written 'thank you'.  We really are the people behind the brand and we are never taking for granted that you are here.

We hope you can get used to that too. ⭐

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