Where Did MySuperFoods Come From?

Coming up with a name for a business is incredibly important.  When I was little and would play anything with my sister, we would call it K&K's fill-in-the-blank because our first names both started with K.  Looking back, I imagine zero customers coming in to find out what we were selling.


toddler enjoying mysupersnack blueberry acai granola bites at snack time


I have the very first notebook that I used when we started MySuperFoods right next to my desk.  I love to see its purple cover because it reminds me of those early days and the dream of what this company could be.  This is a picture of the page that helped us land on MySuperFoods.


notebook from when we started the company and were coming up with the name mysuperfoods


It was always going to be one word.  But I'm sure we tried out My Super Foods and My Superfoods, as it's often written.  I understand.  "My Superfoods" makes sense because superfoods is a common word we have heard before.  And spacing it out further to "My Super Foods" gives it that capitalize everything because it's a brand name feel.   Alas, we are MySuperFoods.  All one word.


mysupercookies up close image of organic peanut and tree nut free superkids shapes

But the "my" was essential.  It felt like everything in pop culture (and coming out of Apple Headquarters) was i-focued.  iMac, iPod, iTunes.  When it came to kids and that whole idea, it felt fun and relevant to go with "my".  Give the kids ownership of snack time and health.  Make it accessible and fun.  I can't explain it all because I didn't record our conversations, but I remember that we talked about that a lot and that's how it all came together.


Fun to look back and think about those incredibly important conversations that are so easy to forget now.  Knowing where you came from is everything. I'm proud that we still stand for kids and fun and delicious flavors and nutrition.

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